Dropship FAQ’s

Q: How do I take advantage of this offer?

A: You will place your drop ship order the exact same way you would place your orders for your business. Simply call/email your Circadia Business Development Manager and mention that you would like to participate in this program. All you will need is your customers First and Last Name along with their shipping address.

Q: How will I be charged for this?

A: Circadia will not be charging your clients directly. The products & shipping will be charged through your Circadia Wholesale account. You will then be responsible for charging your client(s) the normal retail cost + shipping costs. 

Q: How much is Shipping?

A: We will be offering a special flat rate charge of $8 per drop ship.

Q: What is the Staycation At Home Facial Kit?

A: Due to recent events we understand that this is having a large impact on our industry, causing appointment cancellations and closings. Here at Circadia we want to ensure that your clients are maintaining and practicing proper skin health. We would like to offer your clients a complimentary at home facial kit with their purchase of any retail product through you!

Q: Does my client have to spend a certain amount in order to qualify for the drop shipping and to receive the free kit?

A: As always, Circadia has no minimums or order requirements!

Q: Are the Staycation Kits available for purchase?

A: At this time, this item is not available for purchase. These are only available for your clients taking advantage of this drop shipping offer.

Q: How long will this offer be available?

A: This is a temporary measure that we are offering to help with the economic impact this is having on the industry. This offer will be available starting now and will go until April 30th.